Feb 17, 2022 10:11:58 AM

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Event Management

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Event Management

Events aren't just about dates, entertainment, and venues any longer. Safety, efficiency and transparency are now top priorities when it comes to returning to in-person. 

In-person meetings and events may have been paused, but innovation has been in full swing, finding permanent solutions to unmanageable problems like pandemics, and discovering new opportunities to be more efficient at a greater scale of business.

Build It and They Will Come

In response to the shift in event experience and expectation over the last two years, an emerging strategy is to host hybrid events that can stand on their own or take to the road where customers are for invite-only, smaller, in-person events due to inconsistent pandemic regulations and high-touch engagement.

As the desire to build events with shared values and continued engagement there becomes a clear trend for clients and event professionals to have several tools to enhance attendee experience. Strategists, like Impact Point Group, strive to continue to create connections, community, and shared understanding in the face of uncertainty. 

Although the reliance on digital presents a unique challenge for planning events, it is possible. You need to plan carefully and identify your business goals and objectives. At Impact Point Group, we can help you make the most of your event opportunities with our services. 

Impact Point Group has created this comprehensive guide to event planning to help you master your event management strategy for 2022. Choose your section in the table of contents below, get the downloadable guide, or reach out to our team to ask any additional questions.

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Table of contents

  1.   Corporate Event Management 101: Low Touch vs. High Touch Event Strategy
  2.  Corporate Event Ideas: The Growing Necessity for Live Facilitators
  3.  What Will the Near Future of Successful Corporate Events Look Like? 
  4.  3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Corporate Event Management Company
  5.  Sales Kickoffs: How to Bring In-Person & Digital Together for a Successful 2022



Corporate Event Management 101: Low Touch vs. High Touch Event Strategy

A successful event starts with strategic planning and is dependent on the ability to engage your brand or product with your customers. Your approach to customer engagement can play a big part in the success of your business. There are plenty of ways to handle this but the strategies behind them can be broadly described as high-touch or low-touch event strategy.

Both of these strategic models are event types scripted towards the engagement level desired and priority of attendee experience. Some customers require more hands-on contact, while others prefer batting down the hatches and experiencing the product independently.

When you have the customer’s attention, you can maximize every conversation  to prove you are the right partner to nurture their long-term growth. A high-touch event helps you build lasting relationships with decision-makers within your customer base. 

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Corporate Event Management 101: Low Touch vs. High Touch Event Strategy


Corporate Event Ideas: The Growing Necessity for Live Facilitators

Facilitation has always mattered, but as in-person events foresee more and more frequent change in the face of technological advancement, its importance will continue to grow.

The demand for this unique skill is growing because facilitation creates a structure and environment that makes it easy for people to collaborate. Facilitation requires bringing diverse people together to come up with innovative solutions.

A facilitator helps people overcome personal and cultural obstacles, both real and perceived. Facilitating is about simplifying – to turn complicated things into easy-to-solve chunks – so that people can acknowledge, confront, and resolve what's getting in the way. They create a better experience for people where everyone becomes a better version of themselves.

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What Will the Near Future of Successful Corporate Events Look Like? 

Even as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, it's difficult to project the full return of in-person events and what they mean for event strategy. One thing is certain - virtual events have forever changed the way organizations will host and engage with their audience.

Smaller budgets means less travel. While many companies are still restricting travel,  you can stop worrying about expenses to the client while still catering to the aspiration of larger audiences by opting for invite-only, regional experiences targeting a very specific set of loyal customers, and integrating a virtual component for a broader set of attendees from anywhere.

When planning an in-person event and considering networking, creating a separate networking plan for in-person events can help determine the success or failure of the event. In an integrated approach, the events will probably continue to offer digital content — this was already a part of in-person conferences — and use breakout sessions for networks. 

As different industries recover from the pandemic, corporate meetings and events will continue to evolve and adapt with the aid of technology and refurbishing the old.

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3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Corporate Event Management Company

Event Management is evolving as one of the most powerful tools of modern-day marketing. The event management company's team, works together on different events all the time so they know exactly what is involved in putting on a successful event. Everyone understands his or her role and will complete it on schedule and on budget, ensuring that all the elements come together on the day to produce a smooth, memorable and enjoyable event for all your guests.

However, not all event management companies are created equal. If you want to put on the best possible event for your guests, you need to be sure you are selecting the right company for the job. 

Let's take a closer look at three key aspects to look for considering a corporate event management company.

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Sales Kickoffs: How to Bring In-Person & Digital Together for a Successful 2022

According to a study by organizational research firm Korn Ferry, 67% of employees say they spend too much time in meetings and that it hinders their productivity. But skipping the SKO isn’t an option, and if the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that you can have a compelling and impactful digital or in-person event. 

Injecting the right amount of energy, creating a balance between celebrating success and presenting the way forward, plus carrying out role-playing exercises when sales people are sitting in-front of their computers at home, will be challenging and unique. But it can be done. 

Get creative and think outside your usual event box. A hybrid event solution makes virtually anything possible. The more engagement you bring to the event, the more inspired your sales team will be to get back in the field and sell! 

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