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Erica Spoor Jan 29, 2021 12:59:20 PM 12 min read

Accelerating Evolution: What’s (Forever) Changed in Event Strategy

We begin 2021 with a feeling that we are on the heels of a COVID-19 recovery. Though ...
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Erica Spoor Dec 21, 2020 3:58:19 PM 8 min read

Year in Review: The Evolution of Events in 2020

As we always do when we flip to the last page of our calendars, we like to take stock of ...
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Erica Spoor Dec 11, 2020 10:18:24 AM 7 min read

Digital is Here to Stay: How to Adjust Your Event’s Content Accordingly

With each promising news story about COVID-19 vaccinations, the event industry—and ...
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Erica Spoor Nov 18, 2020 9:08:44 AM 8 min read

Redefining Events in 2021: How To Think Beyond the “Hybrid” Experience

Through all the tumult and agitation our industry has endured in 2020, events appear to ...
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Erica Spoor Oct 23, 2020 7:26:13 AM 10 min read

A Conversation with Mark Ferrone, Google Cloud Event Content Program Lead

In our most recent Digital Event Forecast we had the opportunity to connect with Mark ...
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Erica Spoor Sep 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM 20 min read

Mid-Day Q&A with Impact Point Group: Our Discussion on all Things Digital

Editor’s note: this is a transcript of a Facebook Live event with Impact Point Group’s ...
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Erica Spoor Jul 6, 2020 12:00:00 AM 7 min read

An Industry in Transition: Shifting from Event Strategy to Engagement Strategy

For the better part of three decades, in-person, B2B events have been a cornerstone of ...
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Erica Spoor Jun 4, 2020 12:00:00 AM 9 min read

Switching to Digital, Postponing or Canceling? Be Thoughtful About How You Communicate Event Changes to Your Audience

Many event professionals are still working through the decision of whether to postpone or ...
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Erica Spoor May 19, 2020 12:00:00 AM 6 min read

Digital Event Forecast: Our Ongoing Audit and Analysis of 50+ Digital Events

The Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent global pandemic has been a devastating shock ...
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Erica Spoor May 13, 2020 12:00:00 AM 7 min read

Measuring Digital Events: Prioritize Quality of Engagement Above All Else

In the last few months, enterprise-scale tech companies have been leaders in converting ...
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